Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jack Coleman to Guest Star on "The Mentalist" & "The Office"

Dynasty's "Steven Carrington #2" Jack Coleman, who gained fresh fame as "Claire Bear's" father H.R.G. on NBC's now-canceled sci-fi drama "Heroes"...

...will not only be appearing in the October 14 episode of CBS' procedural "The Mentalist" (as a man accused of murdering his wife's killer), but also - as Entertainment Weekly reports - in an upcoming (as yet to be scheduled) episode of NBC's Thursday night sitcom "The Office" as "a government official who possesses a “Jon Hamm-esque wholesomeness."

That's good news for Coleman fans, since NBC recently decided not to go ahead with their plans for a "Heroes" wrap-up movie. 

It's good to be a "Hero."

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  1. Great blog.

    Jack also will be in an episode of House.