Monday, February 14, 2011


What does Canada native Gordon Thomson, who played evil Adam on "Dynasty," look like today?

TMZ recently published this image of Thomson from an event in Beverly Hills.

In recent years, Thomson appeared as Steve Correll's boyfriend in "Little Miss Sunshine" and had a brief stint on daytime soap "Days of Our Lives."

If they ever produced a new "Dynasty" series (there I go again) I would certainly wish to see Thomson play an evil family patriarch along the lines of Blake in season 1.

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  1. Yes, I agree, Adam should be the new Blake if they ever bring back Dynasty! And Kirby could be his Krystle... only less innocent. I always thoght Kirby had wasted potential (i.e., dancing on tables and getting around in France), plus Kathleen Beller aged really well over the years, it'd be awesome to see her and Thompson back together.

    Plus Adam did have a son in season 8, that son could come back and be like his father all over again....