Monday, February 14, 2011

Joan Collins on The ONE Show (VIDEO)

I was going to post this video before Christmas, but I never got around to it, so here it is now - Joan Collins' appearance in early December 2010 on BBC's evening talker "The One Show."

Joan was of course promoting her then upcoming panto show in Birmingham, having just finished her "One Woman Show" at Feinstein's in New York.

She speaks about both projects and reveals what she really drank on the set of "Dynasty." Also, her thoughts on the use of credit cards, plastic surgery, etc.

Since then, Joan has of course completed her run as evil queen in the panto show and returned to the US. Does any one know what her next project is? Sound off in the comments section below. Thanks!


  1. love it!! Especially when she says "c'est la vie"...

  2. One of the things I adore about Joan is how candid she is about things and also, how frank she is. She isn't falsely nice, nor does she try and be politically correct and I find that incredibly genuine. She's got an incredibly sense of humour as well. Adore her!