Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stephanie Beacham - 2011 Radio Interview (AUDIO)

What's the worst part of playing Sable Colby? Why, the uncomfortable shoes, of course! "The Colbys" diva Stephanie Beacham recently stopped by the BBC to talk about her play "Master Class"...

...and briefly touched upon some key moments of her career, including the amazing time in the 1980s when she played a supersoap vixen.

Beacham's play "Master Class" in which she plays opera diva Maria Callas (she doesn't sing in the play) ends its 3-month run across the UK next week on Saturday. The interview is taken from the BBC4 radio program "Loose Ends" (airdate: January 29, 2011).


  1. Thanks for posting!

  2. I saw Stephanie Beacham in Master Class in Richmond and Brighton - she was absolutely brilliant in it. Met her after the show and was impressed by her kindness and natural beauty - she wore no make up and looked amazing. Who has the possibility to see the show, should do it. It's a master class of acting by Stephanie Beacham...