Thursday, November 4, 2010

THE COLBYS #2.06 "The Gala"

"The Colbys" saga continues with a very special night filled with tango, kazacok, poolside antics and shocking revelations.

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Thursday, October 30, 1986 at 9:00-10:00pm on the ABC TV Network.
TV RATINGS: 63rd out of 74 shows for the week of October 27-November 2, 1986
TV GUIDE SYNOPSIS: A letter from Constance Colby provides a catalyst for a revelation about Monica; Sable throws a gala party.


  1. WOW them pants sure are tight on Sable and Frankie! hehe!

  2. Cant wait till next week!!!

  3. Sable is a trip! *LMAO!*


  4. Thanks for the upload!
    My thoughts on this epi:

    Milles is terrible, he would have raped Channing if she hadn't told him she can't have kids! Just like he did with Fallon!

    Jeff reaction to Milles-kisses-Fallon is boring!

    The party guests have no class, they are some kind of swimming-pool-underwear-fetishists!

    Sable bitching on Frankie was nice

    Fallon sucks

    Maxwell Clau-something can't act and he is not hot at all!

    Bliss can't act either nor repeat Russian:P

    Monica thinks she's getting more interesting, maybe she will

    Jason is a chauvinist, but we all knew that before!

    Frankie's stepford programming must have had a malfunction or has been updated recently, cause she seems to be more dynamic and "full of emotions"! [I'm ironic]

    Auntie Connie has been quite invisible lately! haha!

    Oh, and Channing, she got really expencivly-looking-nolan-miller-fake-design-better-than-his-shoulder-pads-neckles! And I do like that women! She has some spunk!

  5. OMG Monica, i love it so much definitely cant wait for the next episode x x

  6. Sigh.. what's happening to you LB ? I so miss your updates.. "Samantha", pics, your favorite scenes.. Come back ! Pppppllleeeeeease

  7. I do agree... Jeff has ever been a boring jerk with no sense of humor or fantasy... He never had the "camp" touch Miles or Adam or Steven (or even Blake!)had... Maybe the most uninteresting character on "Dynasty"... Poor John James, he deserved something better... I used to play a boring character in a play, it's painless and frustrating, I swear...

    Hey Marc! maybe LB has a life of his own! ;) He's doing a great job...

  8. Fallon used to love jumping into pools fully-clothed! She's changed.