Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pic of the Day: Queen of Moldavia

Hail Her Royal Bitchiness - Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter - the Queen of Moldavia.

This promotional still from the late 1985 is taken from a scene which was shot but never used on "Dynasty" as the show underwent major retooling at Christmas 1985.

Given the lack of background I would assume this was Alexis' dream sequence, but it may have been her actual coronation scene which could have been filmed and then ditched along with the rest of the Moldavian storyline.

I have never seen the actual scene (how'd that be for season 6 DVD bonus material? I'm afraid a fan can only dream), but I've heard the original plan was for King Galen to succeed in getting his throne back and reward Alexis by making her his queen.

Therefore this still will simply remain as fuel for those "what if" thoughts - what would have become of "Dynasty" if the producers did stick to their plan and their prime villainess became the queen of a fictional European monarchy?


  1. It was always just supposed to be a dream sequence by Alexis, but the pic leaked to media....the public's view of the whole Moldavia thing was negative so when the public started to think they're would be another moldavian massacre they quickly deleted.

  2. Hey LB, when are you going to air the new "Colbys" episode ? ;-)

  3. The entire planned storyline along with pics was published in an Enquirer giving away the whole plot. Can't remember which issue, but it was BEFORE the 6th season aired. I remember reading it and seeing the pics. Hope this helps you on your quest to making sense of this. :-)
    -Alex Serpa (

  4. I believe it was sometime in the late Summer or Sept issue btw. -Alex Serpa