Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DYNASTY Poll Results: Kill the Prince!

Off with his head! Almost two thirds of votes in this week's poll (Who else should have been killed in the Moldavian massacre?) went to His Royal Pompousness Prince Michael of Moldavia. 

Many fans and critics (and even members of the cast) agree - the infamous Moldavian massacre may have been over the top, but it wasn't bad. What was bad was the aftermath.

With only two minor casulties (Jeff's yawner girlfriend Lady Ashley Mitchell and Steven's adorable boyfriend Luke Fuller - I'm being impartial here, right?) there was little payoff for the audience who spent 4 months fretting over who survived the carnage.

So, with the overwhelming majority of votes going to Prince Michael, how did the other choices do?

Claudia Blaisdell, played by Pamela Bellwood, who was killed off a year later in the La Mirage fire, was the character with the second highest number of votes (17%), though quite a bit behind Michael's 64%.

Catherine Oxenberg's Amanda (who became Princess of Moldavia just before the shots rang out) could have easily survived the bloodshed - only two votes went to her.

Finally, Dominique Deveraux and Dex Dexter fared a little worse (does Dex ever fare well?) as they both got only 4 votes, but that's still far behind the top two choices.

So, what do I think about that?

You may think I'm sucking up to you - but I'll have to agree again. The Moldavian story line should have gone out with a bigger bang and produced more victims and Prince Michael (who in any event got discarded when the ratings went south) was an obvious choice.

Still, he was one of the characters added that year and you can't have a big bang unless you kill of one of your principal regulars who had been on the show from the beginning of the series. And since Claudia was about to leave anyway, she should have been killed off in Moldavia.

In fact, here's what I would have done:

Kill off Claudia, Prince Michael and Lady Ashley and keep Luke Fuller alive (everyone expected him to die, so that would have been a surprise).

With Claudia gone, pair off Adam and Sammy Jo and make them the show's new gruesome twosome. Can you imagine the possibilities with these two? Especially if Adam finds out what diabolical plan Samantha came up with for her sterling aunt.

Keep Steven and Luke together - for instance, Luke saves Steven's life, Steven remains temporary paralyzed (how else? it's a soap), the family is grateful to Luke, so he gets to move in with them while Steven recuperates.

That opens up possibilities for Sammy Jo to: 
* threaten Steven with marrying Adam and taking Danny away from him while 
* having frequent tongue fights with Luke, her aunt, Alexis and just about everybody and 
* scheming and conniving her way through season 6 as Adam's lover. 

Meanwhile, devastated by Prince Michael's brutal demise and becoming a widow seconds after becoming a princess, Amanda seeks comfort in Dex's arms...

Enough of that - this week's poll follows up on last week's death question - now I want to know whom the producers killed off (or sacked) too soon.


  1. haha never thought of Sammy Jo and Adam together. I'm sure if the show went a year or two longer, that would have happened like her and Jeff lol.

    I liked Micheal at first, but in the sixth season, it was just too much. Every other scene, they loved each other, or were splitting. I don't think there was a full episode of them happy in that season lol.

  2. As has been said many times, the problem was not the idea but the execution. Yes they should have killed off some more characters but to me, one if the main problems was the way in which everyone survived. I've walked out of weddings looking more disheveled than the Carrington's did when they left Moldavia.

    Probably if the opening episodes had focused more on the terror and helplessness felt by the characters there may have been more empathy and some explanation as to how they survived the initial bloodbath, maybe the creme of Moldavian society bore the brunt of the attack and the Carringtons were going to be used as leverage which is why they were spared. They should have found a way to justify how pretty much all of them survived . Also there were barely any after effects, they came back to Denver and went on with their lives like nothing had happened!