Thursday, November 25, 2010

THE COLBYS #2.09 "And Baby Makes Four"

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers from the US and have a fun Black Friday! Here is now the next episode of "The Colbys" with the resolution of last week's OTT cliffhanger.

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Thursday, November 27, 1986 (Thanksgiving Eve) at 9:00-10:00pm EST/PDT (the show was pre-empted on November 20, 1986 for NFL Football live telecast)

EPISODE RATINGS: 62nd out of 70 shows - 9.9 rating/17 share (one rating point was 874,000 households - 8.6 million households (appx. 13 million people) watched the episode or 17% of televisions in use.

ORIGINAL TV GUIDE SYNOPSIS: Adrienne's arrival stuns Monica and Cash; Fallon has unwelcome news for Miles; Jason attempts to end Bliss' love affair with Kolya.


  1. Hi LB, may I ask what year soapnet run the Colbys? Can anyone see all the "space stuff" going on? Emos, outer space talk with the boy, and the UFO entrance to the hotel Excelcior?? LOL something Outerworldly is going on!

  2. Thanks LB! I wonder what Fallon would've been like with this storyline if Pamela Sue Martin was still in the role. IMO, Emma Samms' Fallon was a bit needy and a pushover.


  3. Since when Milesux became JR Ewing?